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July Update - Pavilion and Scoreboard

There has been a lot going on over the off season with regards to projects and we thought it time to fill you in.

Firstly the pavilion upgrade is finally locked away with Council and includes new toilet facilities , a new canteen almost double it’s current size with stainless steel bench tops, sinks, new oven with range hood over and plenty of space.

Also included is a 2m extension to the social room with the wall facing the ground totally glassed. This leads out to a 4m wide viewing platform and concrete steps similar to the existing.

Council have just informed us that our existing fence is to be removed and will be replaced with a wire mesh one. (similar to the cricket nets). This will be done during December / January this season.

We have agreed to terms with the winter tenant (St Bede’s footy club) for the use of the electronic scoreboard. This represents a significant financial investment but we believe it will be a fantastic addition to our club.

The club will be supplied with portable facilities this season and once we know exactly what they are going to be we will let you know.

It’s a very exciting time for the club and we look forward to seeing you all this season.




KHCC Committee

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