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Gift Cards

Use a KHCC gift card to purchase items via the canteen window.  You can also use the card to pay for merchandise in stock but not merchandise via the Swiv's store.  If you want to 'gift' annual subs, talk to Jason, as you cannot use this method for that.   A gift card is an easy way to set up a 'paid in advance' tab to share with mates.

To purchase a gift card, click here: 

  1. Order a Gift Card here online

  2. Head to the canteen and purchase one there

To add money to a gift card: Add money to your card.   (Online only)

To check your Balance: Check Balance.   (Online only)

If you want to share the card with others, it may be easier to 'create a customer' in 'Square' (our payments system) and register the gift card on file with that customer.  That way, you only need to look up the customer at the time of purchase (rather than typing the 16 digit voucher code).   To set this up, talk to Jason (0410 300 431).  


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