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Training Plan

Thanks everyone for your cooperation so far. We realise training is a bit more difficult than usual but it is what the club needs to do to keep its members safe and maintain its good reputation amongst the community.


A few points to note:

  • A lot of work has gone into the training plan to ensure all teams and players have an opportunity to train in what is a shortened pre-season.

  • All groups must stick to their allocated training time. This includes not running overtime. There must be a 15 minute gap between sessions to allow for change over and cleaning of equipment. Any deviation from the training plan, including practice matches, must be approved by the club's COVID Officer Clare Warren. This is to ensure requests are managed and groups are not crossing over sessions.

  • A calendar has been made available for all to view which outlines when each group is using the ground and training nets. This will be updated to reflect any approved changes.

  • The plan will continue to be updated throughout the season to ensure no conflict between training and games.


The training plan can be found here:


Please make sure you contact Clare Warren on 0404 207 099 before proposing any deviations from the training plan.


Thanks again for your cooperation.

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