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Senior Team Announcements

The Committee is excited to announce the following appointments of key roles for our 2020/21 season.  Please congratulate and support our on field leaders and off field support team.
Our Men's Teams

Senior Coach - Hemantha Alles

1st XI Captain - Andrew Birt
2nd XI Captain - Tim de Munk
3rd XI Captain - Mario Morel
4th XI Captain - Greg Wheeler

5th XI Captain - Baeden Maurice
One Day XI Captain - James Bourke

Our Women's Teams

Senior Coach - Hayleigh Brennan

1st XI Captain - Hannah Bailes
2nd XI Captain - Jacqui Brown

Supporting Roles

Men's 1st XI Team Manager - Tom Congerton

Women's Team Manager - Clare Warren

Merchandise Manager - Tom Congerton

Equipment Manager - Kevin Howard

Communications Manager - Kevin Howard

Men's Chairman of Selectors - Tom Duguid

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